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We provide a full offering of buy-side and sell-side services that include M&A strategy development, sourcing potential buyers and sellers who may be on- or off-market, facilitating the discussion regarding merging or acquiring, and guiding the Goodhead Strategies client in identifying red flags that may cause a deductive deal. M&A within professional services has to include more than just financial statements for success to be achieved – Goodhead Strategies brings the organizational awareness of deal success beyond just the financial aspects.

Organizational structure follows strategy. Once there is a clear idea of the direction for the firm, and there is a deep awareness of the customer buying behavior, the structure of a firm can be developed, or adjusted, to achieve the greatest success. The functional delivery of the product is what generates a professional services firm revenue – the goal of every organizational structure should be to facilitate that outcome. That is going to be unique firm to firm as the delivery of work varies based on the organization.
Through every firm there are two fundamental basics. Drive revenue, appropriately allocate costs. Business operations is key to both. In some instances, driving appropriate overhead and operational costs can have a multiplier effect on revenue. This can be something as simple as project management and project leadership development, efficiency drivers, staff repositioning, or project delivery methodology, or more complex aspects such as leadership development, succession planning and development, or strategic acquisitions/divestiture. Whatever the right solution is, Goodhead Strategies can provide the assessment, guidance, and where requested, the development necessary to enhance your business operations.
Goodhead Strategies offers a full range of strategic planning development and implementation solutions. Strategic plan development can often become a sales and finance exercise – while this can be helpful, strategic direction is so much more than this. We consider internal aspects, external aspects, and the concept of whole firm lock step. If everyone is moving in the same direction, the strength of the strategic plan is amplified. We then develop implementation plans so the strategic plan is executed well further enhancing the outcome.
The role of a management consultant has its best value as a long standing relationship. While we can provide single engagement approaches, the greatest value to our clients is when we have long standing relationships that can evolve with the success of the Goodhead Strategies clients.
Marketing Strategy is a key to firm evolution and growth. The key to marketing strategy is not to mistake it for a marketing plan. Goodhead Strategies looks at the client buying process, sales cycle, connectivity with the market, and overall firm strategy. By bringing together these components, we are able to determine a strategy that can be executed, measure, and adapt to the changes that arise.
While Goodhead Strategies is headquartered in the Atlanta GA area, our work is located at our client’s offices. So we work from Anchorage, Seattle, Sacramento, and San Diego, through Chicago, Kansas City, and Dallas, all the way to Boston, Baltimore, and Orlando. National coverage is natural to us. We even have occasional clients outside of the US.
At Goodhead Strategies we actively encourage start ups to contact us. Strategic direction, client buying behavior, and revenue generation are key at this stage. We can provide immense value and look to develop long standing relationships.
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